Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's a Girl!

We have known our little bundle of joy is a sweet baby girl for the past month. We are so excited to meet her in September and get to know her little personality. So far I know she is a wiggle worm and is pretty modest (it took the Doc 15 minutes to get her to show us she was a "she"). I am thrilled to have a girl and look forward to teaching her so many things.
Here are a few things I daydream when I think about my baby girl...
- What color eyes will she have?
- Will she look more like Eric or Me?
- I can't wait to french braid her hair and buy bows for her.
- Will she be a righty or lefty?
- I hope she likes wearing dresses and enjoys the girly things.
- I can't wait to see Eric with her. I know it is going to melt my heart.
- I pray she will know and love Jesus at a young age.
- Will we scrapbook together?
- Will she think my random outbursts of dances is weird or fun? Will she join in?
- Will she be into baby dolls or stuffed animals?
- If she has to wear glasses at a young age, I promise not to get her ones that cover half of her face.
-I desire for her to feel and see Jesus' love through Eric and I.
-I pray her husband is an awesome Man of God and yearns to lead her to Christ daily.
- Will she like vanilla or chocolate cake?
- I pray she is close to Eric, like I am close to my dad.
- Will she be shy or outgoing?
- Will she like cheese itz or cheese nips?
- I will not let her see E.T. till she is out of elementary school. That movie is freaky!
- I can't wait to take her to the grocery store in a princess outfit with cowboy boots.
- I hope when she sees Eric and I's relationship it will be a great example of what she views the covenant of marriage is.
- I can't wait to see her for the very first time!

These are just a few things I ponder throughout the day about my little girl.

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