Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Mother's Day

I truly enjoyed my first Mother's Day as a mommy-to-be. After leaving a fabulous wedding of our friends, Eric stopped at HEB to get milk and cinnamon rolls. He was planning on making me the cinnamon rolls the next morning. He also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that came with a sample of perfume. We headed to bed with our Sunday all mapped out, and Eric stating that he felt like someone had punched him in his right eye.

My alarm went off at 7:30 and I got up to start the day. When Eric got up, his poor right eye was pink and swollen. Turns out, his so called "punched eye" developed into a stye. It looked terrible and he could barely see. Even so, he still manged to bake the cinnamon rolls and write in my Mother's Day card. After eating, I put myself in mommy mode and went out to get him medicine. I ended up taking care of my sweet husband the rest of the day. I'm pretty sure this isn't the last Mother's Day where one of my kids or husband will be ill.

Even though the plans went out the window, I still loved my first Mother's Day. I got to relax, finish a fabulous book, and go to Luby's for dinner. I love me some fried fish and mac n' cheese!
One of my favorite parts was Eric and I feeling our sweet little girl dance around in my belly and be in awe that in a few months we will be a family of three!

I am overjoyed to have the life God has blessed me with and I pray daily that I never take it for granted. I love the verse in the song, "Blessed Be Your Name" when it states, "every blessing you pour out I'll turn back to praise." My hope and prayer is that I will never stop praising the One who has blessed me abundantly.
Thank you Lord for choosing me to be a mom, but more so thank you for calling me to be one of your children.

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