Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Power, No School. I am ok with that!

Yesterday will definitely will be going down in the record books for one of the craziest days of teaching. My school was part of the rolling blackouts in Austin. The power would go out for 45 minutes and turn back on for no more than 20 minutes. This happened all day long...
I had several candles lit and a flashlight to help me get through the periods of no light in my classroom. At one point in the late morning I noticed my room was chilly and looked at my thermostat, it was 58 degrees. No wonder my kiddos didn't want to take their coats off.
After this long and adventurous ordeal my school decided to close school today AND Friday.

Right now I am enjoying my day off and trying to make this day productive. I plan on cleaning the house, finishing laundry, and organizing my craft room. I have the urge to sew something so I hope to get my to do list done so I can sew and craft my heart out all day long tonight and tomorrow. In the midst of being creative I also plan on playing in some snow. 60% chance tonight and tomorrow! Wahoo!

I am so excited! Thank you Lord for this sweet blessing. Well I better get going on my long to do list. I hope to post some pictures of Eric and I playing in the snow and maybe a new garment I sewed.

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