Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chapel, Bribing, and Baby Powder

Hey Blog world! I am still alive and kicking, just lazy when it comes to writing entries.
So... it's 9:05pm and I have 30 minutes before I hit the sack. Oh the joys of being a preschool teacher who has to be at work by 7am.

Tomorrow is a big day for my Ladybug class. We will be leading chapel for the elementary and preschool kids tomorrow. We have been practicing every week for about a month. They will be performing the Bible story, Jesus heals the 10 lepers. So far there will be only 8 lepers because we are missing two kiddos due to the flu. It has been a fun journey teaching and practicing this Bible story. Here are some of the obstacles/blessings from it all.

- None of the boys wanted to play Jesus, all of my girls begged me to let them play Jesus.
- Memorizing no more than 2 lines will take a 4 yr old a month to remember.
- Every practice involved a child refusing to be a leper and trying to sneak in with the other disciples.
- Bribing them with M&Ms works.
- They will begin to get tired of M&Ms and will ask for skittles, stickers, and cake.
- Children LOVE costumes!
- I finally had to research and think of a way to make the leper part fun and cool. Putting baby powder on their faces and arms sealed the deal.

It has been a long and sometimes a never ending process to get my 14 kids to remember their parts, sing and use hand movements simultaneously, and not fight with each other. But after today's last practice I think they are ready.
In the end I pray they have fun and remember this amazing story about how Jesus shows his love and mercy to 10 lepers.

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  1. Only my Christine can make being a lepered fun.
    I hope everything went well and that your feeling well. Do you have any crackers?