Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Think back a decade, do you remember what your first cellphone was? Was it as cool as Zack Morris’s phone?

My cellphone rocked! It had the ablility for me to type in a very long code and create a ringer. (who cares if it took my about 20 minutes to type it all in) My ringer of choice, billie jean. I enjoyed this phone and kept it for about 3 years.

2. What is the first children’s book you remember being read to you?

The book that comes to mind is a Kevin Henkes book, Chrysanthemum. I loved this book and repeatedly checked it out from the library. My wonderful mom never got tired of reading it to me. Thanks Mom!

3. What was your first car? Did you love it or hate it?

1994 Chevrolet Corsica. Molly, was so gracious to sell it to my sister, who then handed it down to me.

It finally died/got sold last May. Eric and I were very excited to kick that clunker to the curb, but before doing that it decided to overheat on the way to the dealership.

4. Who was your hero growing up?

I can't pinpoint a specific person who was my hero growing up. I had a few wonderful people that I looked up to. My grandma, mom and sister. (she was older than me and I thought she was super cool)

5. Think back to your first kiss. Was it everything you dreamed of?

No way! We bumped our noses together and I was freaking out the whole time on how to breathe. Plus my best friend, 2 cousins and sister were all spying on me out the front window.

6. What was your first BAD hairstyle choice? (Extra points for embarrassing photos)

I got my haircut a little longer than ear length. It was horrible...I got made fun of for it...enough said.

7. What was your first realistic dream? (One where you had to think “Oh dang, was that a dream?”)

I had a dream that I lost all my teeth. Crazy thing is I really felt them fall out...creepy I know. I woke up counting all my teeth with my tongue. I still get that dream and I count every time.

8. What was the first phobia you remember developing?

As a little girl I was afraid of everything...

trains, popping balloons, car washes, my mom leaving the room, which I thought she was leaving me for good, and toilets....yes toilets. The one fear that really got me was ET. As a little girl I always thought at night he was looking through a window at me. I would run past any windows in hopes he wouldn't get a sneak peek of me.

9. Which character on Sesame Street do you most identify with?

As of right now, Count Von Count. No, I do not enjoy human blood and I am NOT referring to Twilight in anyway. You all might already know that I am a 4yr old teacher. I am constantly counting with them and helping them learn their numbers.

10. What was the hardest goal you ever accomplished?

I don't really set goals...maybe I should?!
I would have to say the hardest goal I have ever accomplished was finally enjoying working out.
I used to DISLIKE with a passion going to the gym. I did everything to try not to go. (Wii fit, 30 day shred and P90X: abb ripper and yoga only) I now look forward to my workout classes and l
enjoy leaving work and going to the gym for a good sweat. weird...I know!

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  1. I was scared of ET too, and I'm still scared of balloons popping. I know it's a silly fear, but every time I hear one pop, I jump.