Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Girl with the Big Pink Glasses

I never had the best vision growing up. I distinctly remember when I was a little girl sitting on the couch and moving so I could stand in front of the TV, shouting to my mom, "Now I can see!" I think this moment triggered my parents to go and get my eyes checked.
I was in pre-kinder and I needed glasses bad.

Picking out my first pair was a haze, but I do recall desperately wanting red frames. They didn't have red, so I settled for the next closest My parents ranted and raved about how wonderful I looked in my new glasses. The next day at school I boldly walked in the classroom hoping my classmates would also think my glasses were just as wonderful.
They thought they looked...funny.

I quickly began hatting my pink glasses and would purposely try to break them before I went to school. It never failed that my mom would always have a solution on how to fix them, whether it was super glue, a tiny screwdriver, or just popping the lenses back in.
I had them for a few years then switched to Osh Kosh frames. (yes...they make glasses too...and no they were not cool.)

After finally getting rid of my "so embarrassing" glasses I vowed NEVER to show my friends pictures of me wearing them.

This picture of me wearing them sits in my craft room. I remember Eric coming in and looking at it and saying, "You are so pretty." I thought it was ridiculous for him to say that because I looked ridiculous in the picture. He told me why he thought I looked cute and how I am beautiful no matter what. I began to realize the most ridiculous thing was how I was still harboring feelings of shame and embarrassment from about 15+ years.
After my realization I remembered one of my favorite verses Songs of Solomon 7:4
"All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you."
It is sick to think that I always try to find my worth in what I wear and how I look.
No matter if I have nasty glasses, not so hip clothes, or imperfections on my skin, my Maker sees absolutely no blemish on me. He loves me for who I am and delights in me. God is Awesome!!

Hope you enjoyed a new feature on the Brinkman blog...
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  1. That was great! I was a mentor in high school, and one of my little girls had red framed glasses and she was absolutely adorable!! So were you girl!