Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

My wonderful friend Chelsea is an amazing blogger and on Fridays she writes seven random things about herself and refers to this post as seven quick takes. are mine! Enjoy

1. Tomorrow (Friday, wrote this post last night.) the temperature will be from 25-36 degrees. I have been looking forward to this all week. I have planned my outfit since about Tuesday and have been daydreaming about how wonderful the snow showers will be. Knowing my awesome luck, there won't be any snow and I will be sweating all day from the obscene amount of layers I have on. Oh well...I am still excited!

2. On Tuesday I scheduled my dvr to record, Charlie Brown Christmas. Every year I miss it on tv, so I was determined to watch it. I even planned on my best friend to come over and enjoy hot chocolate and brownies while enjoying the movie. Tuesday afternoon I got the sad news that the show was getting postponed because of Obama's news conference. I was crushed.

3. For the past 3 weeks I have had puppy fever. Eric and I moved into our house in September and we now have room for a sweet little puppy. I realize my wonderful husband is extremely allergic to dander, and almost every dog makes him have an allergy attack. I made the word almost stick out because a few weeks ago we were over at a friends house and got to hang out with their maltese. Eric and I got to play with him for a little bit and to our surprise there was no runny noise, itchy eyes, and sneezes from Eric. I was in disbelief! Eric still thinks he is allergic to all dogs, but I know there is hope for the Brinkman family to one day be dog owners!

4. I am writing this post and it is 10:24pm. WAY past my bed time!! I try to go to bed between 9:45-10:10. I wake up at 5 and I am on my feet all day with my 4 yr's pretty exhausting.

5. Since it's December I got a new ringtone to celebrate the Christmas season. The song I choose was Last Christmas by Wham. Nothing says Christmas like a sad 80's singer who gave his heart to his girlfriend and then the very next day she gave it away.
The really sad part is that I hardly get to hear it play because my phone is always on silent when I'm at work. If you have my number, call me so I can hear my awesome ringtone. If you don't want to talk to me then let it ring for a bit and hang up. I would really love really. I'm serious.

6. My new favorite website is You can hear full length songs for free!
I have been using it to play Christmas songs while I am addressing my Christmas cards. You should check it out!

7. I really really hope I will be able to wake up tomorrow.


  1. Ugh. Obama ruins everything.

    Great quick takes! (And thanks for the compliment!) I'm having a giveaway today, be sure you come enter!

  2. Your writing is hilarious! Good job wifey, I love you!! :)

  3. You might also check out labradoodles (labrador mixed with poodle). I've heard they're hypoallergenic. Maltese is also on the list for hypoallergenic dogs, along with many other breeds. Check out the list here:

    (I have to mention basenjis are on the list too, and that's what John's mom has - they're super cute!)