Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me!

I turned 23 last Wednesday and I had a fantastic birthday. Eric woke up early that morning and made me strawberry pancakes and eggs. We both went to work where I continued to decorate my classroom. I left work early because I had a very important appointment. I scheduled to get my long hair chopped off. I went in with long hair and came out with a bob. I loved it!

After my hair appointment I went home to get ready for my birthday dinner at Trudy's. We met a bunch of friends at the restaurant and had wonderful drinks and mexican food. If you are ever in Austin you have to go and try their mexican martini, it's amazing!

And that was my fun birthday! I wish I could say the day that followed was as fun as my birthday but it wasn't . Following my birthday I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. I am still recovering and each day I am getting better. I thought drinking smoothies and milkshakes would be so yummy but after a few of them and watching my husband enjoy a pepperoni pizza, the facade quickly faded.
I hope to enjoy "normal" food my the end of this week.

And sorry to disappoint you all, but I will not be uploading the flattering pictures that Eric took after my procedure. :) But here is one of us on my birthday with all my wisdom teeth!

love you all,


  1. I love your haircut, Christine!!

    I hope your mouth recovers quickly so you can join Eric in eating a pizza soon :)

  2. Christine, let me agree with Sarah's comment...I love the new 'do!

    My Sarah got her wisdom teeth taken out a month after we had been married and I think we would both say that it was one of the longest weekends of our lives! Sarah did get to eat about 7 large Braum's milkshakes, though! Hope you feel better quickly!