Monday, April 20, 2009

La Casa de Brinkmans

We have lived in a humble abode for almost nine months. We love our one bedroom apartment, and as you can see I love to make it cute and comfy. We enjoy having our family and friends over for dinner and play a few rounds of catch phrase. If you are ever in the Austin area please call us! We would love for you to hang out at our home sweet home!


  1. aww! I cannot wait to come intrude on your comfy home! By the way, I love the cross above the sink! :)

  2. Lovely home guys...and lovely layout for the blog. Sarah and I are going to be in Austin the Thursday and Friday before Memorial Day; will you guys be in town and, if so, are you interested in hanging out?!

  3. I love it! I hope we get to visit you guys when we are in Texas in August :o)

    (and hopefully we'll get to meet up before then in Deutschland!)