Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Typical Halloween

Since I haven't updated in so long I decided to be an overachiever and do two posts in one day.

Eric and I went down to San Antonio for Halloween. We spent the afternoon with friends. (see post below) After we finished carving our masterpieces we went to my parents house to have dinner and pass out candy.
I forgot to bring my 60's costume that I wore to a Halloween party last week and Eric definitely didn't bring his Reno 911 costume, so I needed to find another one before the kids started to come to our door for candy. Now I know I didn't NEED a costume but wearing one just makes the night so much more fun. I decided to look through my closet in my old room and try to find something I could wear.
I scanned through all my old outdated clothes I still had in the closet and found the perfect costume.
When I turned 15 my parents threw me a quinceanera. If you don't know what that is, check out the Wiki definition here. It was a big celebration that included a big dress.

So what did I do when I found it in the closet...I put in on, along with a tiara and petticoat from my sister's wedding dress. I was the Mexican version of Cinderella. I kept it on the whole time I passed out candy.
It was funny to see the kids faces when I opened the door. They seemed shocked and confused to see a woman wearing a puffy white dress. Their surprise quickly vanished when I grabbed a handful of candy and placed it in their sacks.
After the kids stopped ringing the doorbell, I decided to have Eric take some pics of me in my costume. I wanted to soak up the moment for all it's worth and keep my ridiculous costume on as long as possible.

The clock struck midnight...(9:30) and my dress turned back into (reluctantly took off my dress) my normal clothes.

But it was ok, because Eric and I got to enjoy some homemade cream cheese frosting my dad had made for a carrot cake!

That was a typical Halloween for the Brinkmans!


  1. I can't blieve you still fit in a dress you wore when you were 15. Lucky!

  2. What Sarah said.

    Great costume idea though. I love Eric's Reno 911 get-up! Oh, I do have one question to ask: Did your quinceanera involve inflatable games? I ask because neighbors who live down our street have recently hosted a couple of them and there was a big inflatable playhouse in their front yard for them. I think that any celebration that involves inflatable games AND formal dresses is a great idea!

  3. so fun! loved both of your posts! you sister's belly is so cute!

  4. sadly, I didn't have any inflatable games. :(