Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pregnant Pals and Pumpkins

Yesterday for Halloween Eric and I hung out with Molly, Leslee and Bridget. Eric also came along and joined in the fun fall festivities.

We all enjoyed Molly's homemade stew and carved pumpkins.

I loved seeing Leslee and Molly with their cute bellies. I think it is so neat that they're both pregnant at the same time. Maybe I will be pregnant with my 1st when they are pregnant with their 2nd?!

I carved a traditional jack-o-lantern and Eric carved on the side of my pumpkin an "I" for the Fighting Illini. I think it was good luck, because they won their game!

Bridget carved her trademark, the Batman symbol. It's funny how each pumpkin we carved shows a little bit of our personality.

We all hope to get together in December and make gingerbread houses!
It was a great way to start off Halloween.

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