Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

There has been a lot of exciting stuff that has been happening to the Brinkmans. I apologize for not keeping up with the blog, but I hope to update everyone before Eric and I head to Germany next week.

One of my favorite news to tell people is...Eric and I will be an aunt and uncle next year!!! My sister, Leslee is expecting and we found out last Sunday. I was in San Antonio from Sunday to Wednesday, taking some classes for my teacher certification, so her and Brett broke the news when I was there. The following days she told other friends and family. Leslee and I were planning to have dinner with out best friends on Tuesday, so we devised a plan on how to break the news to Molly and Bridget. Here is what we did!

I had Leslee get together w/ Molly and Bridget for a group picture. I took one picture and after I took it I told them that I needed to take another one because the first one was ok. While I was looking at the pic on the camera I changed it to the video setting. I began to take another picture but before pressing the button I said, "One...Two...Three...Leslee's Pregnant!!" They were a little confused when I said it. They thought I was telling them a scenario and they needed to give me their expression. After a few seconds then it finally clicked. Here is the picture of the picture before the news and pics after. I tried uploading the video but it's not working! I'll try on facebook.


  1. Congratulations to your sister!!! When is she due?

    Also, we're hoping to be able to see you while while you're in Germany. Let me know if there's a good time (weekend) when we coule meet with you guys!

  2. I wonder if Molly heard the baby crying in that last picture....