Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Growing Belly

Growing a baby inside your belly is an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it and miss the moments when Halle would be moving and grooving inside my stomach.
When Eric and I found out we were pregnant, we decided wanted to document my pregnancy by taking a photo of myself every week. I won't show you all 40 pictures because that would take along time to upload, and let's be honest we all like seeing the drastic changes. Here you go and please no judgements.

8 Weeks
17 weeks
24 weeks

31 weeks

38 weeks (last picture taken)
I didn't have Halle until 39weeks and 4 days but we didn't take a picture that week. I'm pretty sure I was crabby, hot, and felt like a whale which made me not want to smile for the camera.
I am so glad we documented those 9 months because they honestly flew by.


  1. You were a beautiful pregnant lady!

  2. All the pictures together look so awesome! What a journey, huh?