Tuesday, March 16, 2010

True Life: I'm a Pre-school Teacher

I am a pre-school teacher. I teach 14, four and five year olds. I find that my blog ideas come from what my kiddos say or do at school. They are absolutely precious and I am blessed to have them call me their teacher. I usually have at least 2 good stories each day that are pretty entertaining of what they do. I am going to start blogging about my adventures being a teacher, as well as other Brinkman happenings.

I definitely think you have to get to know my kids before I start writing the stories so you can have a better understanding of what my day looks like. I have included their name and a small description of who they are. Enjoy getting to know the Ladybug class.

Kennedy: A twin, her and her sister look like the 2010 version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Has a personality of a 16 yr old and has called me mean many times. sweet girl.
Jackson: He loves dinosaurs and pretends to spray me with webs because he thinks he is Spider Man.
Ruby: A twin, she adores her Mom and she communicates by whispering. She loves to tell me about her twin sister Stella and how Stella calls her a sandwich.
Darlene: Tells me she loves me at least 10 times a day. Loves to hold my hand and demonstrates that hitting is bad by smacking herself in the face.
Will: Youngest out of all the kids, loves to scream out loud for no reason, but has a smile that melts me all the time.
Maddie: Ms. Popular, and she knows it. I have had to discipline her because she told some girls that they were not invited to her party. She enjoys my random songs I make up and is a cutie pie.
Sydney: She LOVES Jesus. Loves going to church. Wakes up her parents to go to morning church. Knows all the VBS songs and dance moves. Her prayers are deep and she understands the sacrifice Jesus made for her. Also Colby or Caleb's girlfriend...depending on the day.
Jessica: Mattie's other half. Extremely smart. Can read small words and remembers very well. Has an amazing imagination and often plays with her imaginary friend, Fred who is about the size of her hand. It seems he only come out to play during lunch.
Jacob: Asks me questions 24/7. Loves to play in the dress up center and reenact movies. (G-force, Shorts, Incredibles...)
Caleb: Sweet little boy. Does not like to sing or dance but likes to hold my hand. Has a picture perfect smile.
Keira: All around sweet heart. Always has a bow in her hair and would love to grow up and be a hair stylist.
Alyssa: Follows the rules to the T. Helps me keep an eye on the boys. Enjoys watching other kids play. shy and sweet
Colby: The boy who never takes naps and never gets tired. Loves Buzz Light year and draws the sweetest pictures.
Abigail: My sweet little Korean girl who plays the violin. Very smart and articulate. When I sit next to her during lunch she will nuzzle me like a cat the whole time on my arm. She calls me lovely and tells me she loves me a lot too. Also yawns like cat. Loves her stuffed kitty that she sleeps with during nap time.

That is my class. Hope you enjoyed getting to know my students. Class dismissed.

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